Let's deliver good together.

We believe that good food should be shared. There's no better way to do that than with Request. 


What are some benefits of becoming partners?

  • Offer delivery without any hassle. We'll place the orders and have them delivered. Just treat us like a normal to-go customer. 
  • Our customers get a $4.99 delivery fee when ordering from one of our partners. Lower priced deliveries mean more orders.
  • No fees or charges to you, the merchant, when using us. We hope to grow together. 
  • Cancel anytime. If you feel like delivery isn't for you, then cancel at any time. 
  • Your dishes will get featured on our website and social media. It's free advertisement!
  • We’ll provide the business cards, window decals, signs and more to help your customers know that you now offer delivery through Request Delivery.

We are committed to making your customers happy because they're our customers too. If you would like more information, please click button below and fill out the information on the next page.